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GA Deaths Breaks Me

I am resurrecting this account for one simple reason...

I am heartbroken over the death of Mark and Lexie. It's not right. :(( if Shonda needed to cut people out, couldn't they have killed April or Arizona? I am so bummed about this. Especially mark. :(( 



I'm still positively in love with Cappie. I loved him even more when they showed more of his soft side.

OMG, Cap and Case together. I'm so kilig (the lovey feeling term we use in our culture).

Random Cappie Casey Quotes

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MJ... why?

It's been quite sometime already, and yet I can't believe Michael Jackson is dead.

Ever since he died, i've been playing his songs non-stop.

It's seriously an end of an era.

Despite his seemingly eccentric behavior and how ever he was portrayed in the media, there is no doubt that we lost an immense talent in the world's music industry.

He will sorely be missed, but I know his music will live on forever.


more non-tv random thoughts

So yes, I am still going through that love song videoke phase. To the point that I am wanting to sing them in real videoke machines. And to think that I'd be so ashamed to sing back then. But now, I'm like wtf who cares. Is this my sense of culture finally coming out? Singing is a very huge part of my culture, and I think now that I am 22, it's all coming out. Or could it be that I am just growing up. I don't really know. Yes, a late bloomer here.

All these love songs really make me antsy and making me want to, dare I say it, find that boy already. Geez, I sound like those hopeless romatics out there.

random non-tv thoughts

I don't know what's going on, but I keep listening to love songs. No, I'm not in love. And not just any other love song, but those love songs you always hear in videokes. Like, wtf. I don't understand what's wrong with me. And of course since I don't have a love life, all these songs just make me sad or yearn for something which I don't have... yet I still keep listening.

That was just really it.

On a side note, CapCas should get together already.


Random Rant

 Grey's Anatomy
     - There's a lack of Mer in the crossover eps and it makes me sad.
     - I like the whole Derek-Mark-Addie-Naomi-Sam dynamic they've got going on.
     - The Derek Song was entertaining.
     - Sam and Bailey are cute.
     - George is noticabley missing in the show and I'm not surprised why TR wants out.
     - You have no idea how glad I am that Denny is gone gone.
     - I'm kinda of pissed off that they made Denny's character into this selfish scumbag. I was not a big fan of him, but it was really annoying what the writers did.
     - When the hell will Izzie's illness be revealed?
     - If Heigl leaves, what will become of Alex and Izzie?!

Gossip Girl
     - Really? Nate and Blair back together? Why.
     - This Chuck storyline is really lame.
     - I hope Dan and Serena are done for good.

The Office

     - What an uneven season it has been. As of late, I liked the post-super bowl episode.

How I Met Your Mother

     - I love that they keep giving us bits and pieces of Barney in love. I hope they continue giving that side of him in little doses only.
     - This show is still pretty solid.

     - Crap. I don't even know how begin. I'm just so glad it's back.

American Idol

     - Get out, Tatiana. You're really so annoying. Every time she opens her mouth I want to throw whatever I'm holding and smack it in her face.


     - Will is such an ass. I hate this whole thing with Charlie. You get to be with Meagan already, douche.
     - Also, why oh why has there been a serious lack of Meagan helping the girls with  schooling.
     - I just knew Sage's secret was as lame as Serena's "I killed someone."

Kay, so I watched HSM3 again and I am once AGAIN in love with Zac Efron and find Zanessa so adorable. My crush for him died down a bit cause he went low key for a time being. But yet here we are all over again. Hamona hamona, zefron.

Start Tween Talk: Did Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez break up? Cause why the hell are Selena, Demi and Miley all hanging out? End Tween Talk.
I think David Henrie is my new crush. He is so adorable as nerdy Justin Russo. Not to mention, he has a hot bod. Not as hot as Zefron's, but still pretty toned!

Disney stars are taking over the world - Miley, Selena, Demi - who is next?

I still freaking love Zac and Vanessa together. They're so cute together. David and Lucy are cute too. As of the moment, they are my top 2 cutesy couples (lol, the term) or rather the couples I love together.

My mind is right now wrapped up with thoughts of Zac Efron and Chace Crawford. Yum.

Gossip Girl returns on Jan 5! OOOHHH YEAH! I cannot wait.

EDIT: Kay, so I just watched this behind the scenes thing of Wizards on Youtube. They cut to David Henrie talking on a cellphone. He said these two magical words, "hey baby!" OMG, my heart melted. He was obviously talking to Lucy Hale. I didn't swoon cause of the thought of him and Lucy being together. I swooned because OMG it was so adorable. I think I am definitely crushing on David Henrie now!

Something is wrong with me - getting crushes on Disney stars and watching Disney shows incessantly!

TWO WORDS: Guilty Pleasure

Happy New Year!

Mr. Chace Crawford was in my dream a few nights ago and he's all I ever think about... and he's all I ever do when I'm online. Sometimes the occasional Ed Westwick and Zefron fangirl hype gets in the way too. Hahaha.

I love the Ed-Chace/Chuck-Nate friendship!

I'm 21 years old... turning 22 in a few days, but yet, when I watch tv all I ever watch is the Disney Channel. Not lying. As you know, I download my 10+ television shows every week. Sure, I tune into MTV and other channels once in a while, but I love DC so much. Was it because I never grew up with this channel? It only really came when I was in high school. It's my guilty pleasure!

My favorite DC shows are Lizzie McGuire (idc how many times i've watched any episode), Hannah Montana (imo, the funniest show on their block), Wizards of Waverly Place and Suite Life. Suit Life on Deck is coming. Sweet. That's So Raven is good too!

I think David Henrie (Justin from Wizards) and Lucy Hale (Rose from Privileged, Miranda from Wizards) are adorable. And I never knew they went to prom together. I love them together! :)

OMG, Lost is premiering soon! CANNOT WAIT!

Grey's - Please resolve this Denny crap story soon and move on with AlexIzzie. It's really annoying. Every time I see Denny on screen I roll my eyes and get really pissed off. What the heck happened with MerDer? Why are they in the backburner? George is finally given something! MarkLexie is interesing but i'm still meh on it. I like Owen and Cristina.

Gossip Girl
- I cannot stand Serena and Dan together anymore. Together. Apart they're okay. Stay apart. Don't even be friends because it isn't interesting. I hope Dan Serena won't be a staple till the show ends. I really hope Nate sticks with Vanessa. Stop going from one girl to another, puhlease. I got really irked when he went from Van, Jenny and Van. Next week is the funeral episode. Can't wait.

The Office - This season has been very uneven. Sometimes it's just okay and sometimes it's really hilarious! I think this show is losing it's shine on me.

HIMYM - I still absolutely adore this show. You just can't really comment that much on Sitcoms.

30 Rock
- Still loving it.

90210 - I've stopped watching. I keep forcing myself watch the episode after that girl ODs, but I just can't seem to finish it. Hahah. Maybe over the break I'll have the patience to do so.

Pushing Daisies
- I've also stopped watching. It's not cause it sucks, which is so far beyond my reasons. But I promise to finish all the eps. I think of it as my tribute to this fine show.

- That 50's episode was the worst episode ever in that show's history. That whole episode did not do anything to advance the plot lines. WTF was that? I didn't even finish it. I scanned through it just to see how it ended up!

DH - I've been really liking this show again.

B&S - This show, on the other hand, is going downhill, for me anyway. It's like I force myself to watch it every week. I've come to a conclusion that I really do not like Nora. She's so annoying! Ugh. She keeps complaining. Please shut up.

I still have not gotten into watching Fringe, and I dunno if I should. It's the new  X-Files, they say. But I didn't like the X-Files! Hmm.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I have given up on Heroes. I'm happy I did. It's gotten such bad reviews as of late. I watched the premier and decided it wasn't worth my time.

I'm watching Privileged now, and I love it. It's a cute show. It reminds me of the love I had for this little show called, Gilmore Girls. I am caught up, yes. I also think I may be crushing on Will.

Last week, I had a long weekend, and found myself wanting to watch shows. So... I watched Private Practice! I gotta say it ain't that bad anymore. Truthfully, I think I watched it just so I can see how this whole GA/PrP pans out. But really, this second season is not as dull as the first. I'm about to watch the 7th episode! I just want to say that it still bothers me that Addie basically gave up on being this world renowned surgeon to settling to this practice. Why, Addie? Why?


wtf grey's anatomy

Yes, the title says it all.

What in heaven's name was the latest episode about? It was crap. I like the new characters they introduced (Sadie and Dr. Dixon?), but wtf with the IzzieDenny. It's done and over with. He's dead and she's alive. Don't you writers get that? I could let it slide that she sees him, but to have them kiss, and if I understood the promo right, to have them sleep together is insane. WTF. Truly, WTF. Leave Denny alone. I was never a shipper of those two, but please just leave him be.  And what irks me even more is that just when IzzieAlex are finally together and happy, they pull this Denny card all over again and mess with them. I hate this so much. It's crap!